Have you pictured it yet? Not waking to a buzzing alarm clock, rushing to get ready for work and then out the door into morning traffic. Many of us picture it every day but many do not take the time to prepare for retirement. At Major’s Consulting our main focus is financial security for your future. It is one thing to reach the age and the place of retirement and it is all together another not to enjoy retirement due to lack of planning.

At Major’s Consulting we care about your future and we are ready to establish a retirement plan that will best suit you. Fill out the form below and a Major’s Consultant will contact you to discuss the following:

Understanding Where You Are
•Your savings, income, and expenses
•How your savings and assets can support you
•Your comfort level with investment risk

Understanding What You Want Out of Retirement
•When you plan to retire (if you haven’t already)
•The lifestyle you aspire to
•Milestones you hope to achieve

Understanding How to Move Forward After Retirement
•Ways to balance income and expenses
•How to generate retirement income from all sources
•Realistic options, even if your savings aren’t enough

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